Ungdomsgården Drumsö

Ungdomsgården Drumsö

Ungdomsgården Drumsö is situated in the same building as the Finnish-speaking youth centre Apaja, the library and the day-care centre (our entrance is on the park’s side of the building). At our youth centre, you can chill out, have a go at board games, do some crafting, play video games, use the computer, read magazines, concentrate on your homework, interact with other children and young people and a lot more.

Swedish-speaking youth centres

Youth centre is meant for young people

At the youth centre, you can engage in your hobbies, interact with your friends, attend courses, take part in clubs, go to camps and a lot more. If needed, we also offer help, guidance and support in different situations. The youth centre is a local activity centre that offers many possibilities – for youth associations as well.

At the youth centres, all kinds of activities take place

At our youth centres and other facilities around the city, you can do whatever you’re interested in. We offer dance, theatre, media, bouldering, camps, adventure activities, role play, skateboarding, excursions, art, music, machine work, woodwork, karting, pottery, cooking, night café activities and a lot more.

Activities are organised according to young people’s wishes

Activities at the youth centres are planned and organised in cooperation with young people. You can, for example, take part in house meetings where the activities of the youth centre are planned and decided upon. The decisions vary from future purchases to excursion destinations to programmes for the upcoming discos. You can also influence as a peer instructor. Your local youth centre will tell you more about the house meetings and the activities of the house committees.

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Contact information

Street address
Smedjeviksvägen 10 a B
00200 Helsingfors


(09) 310 29260
(040) 334 8087


Opening hours

Grades 3 to 6

Monday 12.30-16.30
Wednesday 12.30-16.30
Thursday 12.30-16.30
Friday 13.00-16.30

Grades 7 and up

Wednesday 17.00-21.00 (on the finnish youth centre Apajas side)